Commitment and the Single Girl

Commitment and the Single Girl

They say a dog is man’s best friend. They also tell us that too many cats breed a single spinster existence.

But with ‘superwoman syndrome’ the new norm for the professional career woman, and your day planner already overcrowded, is choosing a four-legged friend as your companion really such an ill-fated decision?

Consider the positives: a pet is not going to object to your passion for your work, keep you up all night with their post-boys-night-out snore, or leave the toilet seat up.

For women who walk the path less trodden, the traditional single-girl labels such as ‘tragic spinster’ or ‘heavenly sister’ have thankfully evolved into the more delectable ‘sexy singleton’ or ‘sumptuous sparent’ (those fabulous ‘aunties’ who help out with the kids) .

Embracing self-reliance, emotional security and confidence enables a bypass of Prince Charming and his progeny. It can also offer a more complementary commitment to a four-legged friend, the type who offers relaxing company and the security of never being alone in your own home.

But with work, travel, fitness and social engagements making the logistics of owning a pet increasingly impossible, are we ready to commit to a species that comes with way more responsibility than our struggling indoor plant?

Niggling doubts placed by well-meaning family members and friends can often fuel the self-doubt of a commitment-phobe. However, commitment is healthiest not when it is made without doubt, but in spite of doubt, and with the booming pet care industry help is always at hand.

All of us need to share our lives with someone special. Stretch out extravagantly on the couch with your cat after a hard day’s work. Run barefoot on the beach with your dog on weekends to re-energise for the upcoming week. A pet is a wonderful thing to commit to.

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