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Choosing to live with an animal companion is one of the healthiest things you can do, but in adopting a pet you also take on the responsibility of their care. Become a part of our pet loving community and we’ll start you on the right track to a healthy pet.


The first few weeks after adoption are the most important for your kitten or puppy’s emotional and physical health. Starting on the right track is of the utmost importance for the new parent.

Come in so we can go over your new puppy or kitten and go over ‘Puppy/Kitty 101’, a guide on all you need to know about looking after your new friend and what to expect in the first 6 months.


Dental health is the most under-rated problem we see in our companion animals. Unhealthy gums, noticeable as bad breath, eventually mean a sick pet, as they try to cope with overwhelming amounts of bacteria filtering through their system. Pain and discomfort from rotten teeth often go unnoticed.

Come in for a ‘Flip The Lip’ consultation and receive a FREE dental kit to get you started on the road to better Mouth Health.


Genetics make us all a bit different and with that we can have varying nutritional needs. The nutritional needs of a young greyhound for example is very different from an elderly Labrador.

If your pet has trouble putting on weight, has gut or skin issues or is weight challenged and could do with losing a few kilos we can help you maintain their ultimate body weights with some comprehensive nutritional advice.


Lumps and bumps are a common finding on our pets and can be nothing to worry about- or something you should be doing something about (sooner rather than later!). It is often hard to tell as an owner which ones need to be monitored.
As pets age, lumps and bumps seem to appear overnight but it is important a ‘Lump Map’ is performed so you know the size, location and description of the masses on your pet.


At 6 months your puppy or kitten has hit the teenage years and it’s time to make a few life decisions. Come in for our ‘6 month Check Chat’ so we can go over any concerns regarding decisions around de-sexing as well as check for retained deciduous teeth and any other breed specific recommendations that should be considered before the big day.


Worms, fleas and mites continue to cause our pets, and ourselves if they get into the house, a lot of issues. Constant nibbling, biting and scratching can lead on to expensive treatments without preventative care. Come in for a comb over and go home with a preventative parasite plan.


Not sure if your pet is suffering from arthritis? The signs, especially in cats, can be quite subtle. Take advantage of our Joint Check. We go over a basic orthopaedic exam after you fill in our questionnaire and can make recommendations on exercise, supplements or physical and medical therapy which will help slow down this debilitating disease.
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