Death By Chocolate | Fact Or Fiction

Death By Chocolate | Fact Or Fiction

Chocolate toxicity is real, common and dose dependent in dogs who are unfortunately very sensitive to methylxanthines found in chocolate.

Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa beans and cocoa butter which contains toxins theobromine and caffeine-both methylxanthines. Whether chocolate toxicity occurs depends on how big your dog is and what kind of chocolate they have eaten. The general rule is the more bitter the chocolate the more toxic it will be. Cooking chocolate is the most lethal containing 15mg/g of xanthines while milk chocolate only contain about 2mg/g.

Clinical signs can occur 12-36 hours after ingestion starting with vomiting and diarrhoea which lead on to tremors, seizures and tachycardia (fast heart rate), heart arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

If your dog helps themselves to your chocolates you need to ring a vet straight away-after working out the dose we will try and reduce absorption, support them through the event and even use an ECG to make sure their heart continues to tick okay.

Yes, although rare, death by chocolate can happen but not if you are careful about keeping your chocolates safe and sound.

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