Being a successful small business is like sailing in the America’s Cup. We got off to a flying start with the winds of our ideals and a crew full of enthusiasm. Fine tuning our sails we discovered the ‘who we are’ and ‘why we do it’ of our service as we tacked up wind. Skills, team work and experience grew as we rounded the buoys, the future looking bright for the win.

But the wind doesn’t always blow your way. In early 2013 we found out we were to be evicted from 114 The Strand. Long story short our dreams of the ‘Cup’ faded as the waves seemed insurmountable.

Enter new talent to back our little boat – Business Mentor NZ Chris Gillan, a Burmese loving landlord and the cat fancying creative team of Deborah Still Interior Design and Sandra Kidd from Gorgeous Creative. After 2 ½ years of grit and determination we’re finally settled into our purpose built new location, along with Vet Physio Ltd and specialist dermatology service Skin Vet, in the Textile Centre, Parnell.

With new TSV business partner Dr Justine Alley, we are now out of the doldrums and ready to sail on fair trade winds. Our loyal and dedicated clientele, who believed in our ‘heart’, the gusts of support our business needed in these difficult times.

A proud moment for us (and hopefully you too) is this month we have been recognized by the veterinary profession New Zealand wide as leading the way in understanding the importance of a holistic view to the wellbeing of the animal companion we share our lives with. Read more Vet Script August 2016 page 4 and 5.

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