Lose An Eye & Didn’t See It Coming?

Lose An Eye & Didn’t See It Coming?

Eye problems in dogs and cats are common occurrences. Often the owner notices that their pet has a red eye or is squinting.  It can be tempting to bathe the eye in salt water for a few days first, or even use an old eye cream found at home.

However, seemingly straight forward eye conditions can be deceiving, resulting in an emergency situation very quickly.  As a consequence the eye could become permanently blind and if an eye is no longer capable of sight but continues to cause pain for the animal, then may need surgical removal.

Trauma to the eye (such as an infected scratch or a ball hitting the eye), glaucoma and even a herpes virus infection in a cat’s eye can all be potential catastrophes.  These, and other conditions, can create a painful, blinded eye.

Unfortunately we cannot rely on our pet to give us a clear sign that an eye condition could be serious. Dogs and cats are masters at memorising their environment.  If the layout of the home hasn’t changed they will continue to boldly strut around the house and the owner will be none the wiser.  In addition, the vision loss may only be in one eye, and this can be easily compensated for by the good eye.

When it comes to the eyes, any delay in seeking veterinary attention can result in blindness and pain for an animal, which can regrettably lead to the need to remove the eye.

Fortunately most eye conditions are treatable with a very high rate of success when caught early.

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