Oral Aroma A Challenge? Get it Sorted with Our Dental Deal!

Oral Aroma A Challenge? Get it Sorted with Our Dental Deal!

Getting your furry friend help with their breath could extend their life and strengthen the bond between you!

Smell memory is integrally linked to memories and the things we love. The scent of our pet’s fur is one of a kind and brings with it all those warm fuzzy emotions. Halitosis, or bad breath, can really interfere with this positive experience. It is the smell of bacteria growing in your pet’s mouth due to dental disease and we would like to help you both get rid of it for good!

Good dental care over a pet’s lifetime can increase your pet’s life span by up to 2 years! With over 70% of pets having dental disease by just 2-3 years of age, our offer to help is nothing for your pet to turn their nose up at. Imagine a world in which your feline groomed with a clean mouth and you could soak up your dog’s special scent without recoiling when they start panting?

You know that slimy feeling on your teeth when you wake up in the morning? Imagine if you didn’t brush to get rid of that…ever. That slimy plaque becomes hard and turns in to tartar in just 24 hours. Tartar is the yellow material you can see and is a combination of bacteria, food, saliva and dead cells – no wonder it smells! Left unchecked, these bacteria multiply, causing severe gingivitis and dental decay under the gums.

As deeper infection sets in and tooth support are compromised, the teeth and surrounding gums become painful – you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever had a tooth ache! In the wild, dogs and cats were deterred from showing pain, so we find they will often show amazing resilience and continue to eat despite this discomfort. On top of this discomfort, the bacteria in the mouth also start circulating through the body, affecting other organs.

Though your pets may be trying to tell you something with their morning breath, pets are generally very quiet about having dental disease and many pet owners only notice a difference in their pet’s attitude and vitality once their mouth problems are sorted out. Many report a friendlier friskier feline and a happier hound.

For a FREE check of your pets “MOUTH HEALTH” phone 09 377 6667 or email thegirls@thestrandvet.co.nz now for a complimentary “MOUTH HEALTH” appointment with our trained veterinary nurses and receive a goodie pack, plus a further $50 OFF scheduled dental procedures before 30th September 2016. We will assess your pet’s mouth and discuss what we can do to help keep you on track to enjoy a long, healthy life.

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