Prevention is always the best medicine

Prevention is always the best medicine

Why is it that some dog vaccinations are required yearly when humans only need certain vaccinations every 20 years? The short answer is that immunological studies have shown the duration of immunity that canine vaccinations provide are between one and three years, depending on the vaccination. We do not know exactly why this is – it may be related to a difference in the components of the vaccinations or to a difference in the way their immune system processes the vaccinations.

There is a wealth of information out there about vaccinations so we’re not surprised people are confused about what to do! Our puppy health checks take into consideration a number of factors to decide on what vaccinations are best for your new bundle of fluff.

vaccinations-venn-diagramThe most important considerations are the interactions between humans, animals and the environment – so we ask a number of questions in order to tailor-make a vaccination and health programme for your new puppy.

We follow this with annual health checks which continue to tailor the need for vaccinations to your current situation – as things may change from year to year.
Vaccinations we offer are:

  • DHPPI: This contains distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza virus, which are life threatening diseases. Once the puppy series and annual vaccination has been given, this vaccination has a duration of immunity of three years.
  • Canine cough: Signs can vary from throat irritation to pneumonia. The vaccination aids in protection (like a human flu vaccine) for up to one year.
  • Leptospirosis: This is a bacterial infection of the kidney which causes severe kidney failure with a high rate of mortality and a handful of confirmed cases are seen in Auckland each year (with more suspected). Dogs accessing waterways, wildlife or farm animals are at risk. Leptospirosis is also infectious to people and infected dogs can shed for months, creating a human health risk. The Leptospirosis vaccination has a duration of immunity of one year.

Puppies are usually vaccinated from 6 weeks of age with the final vaccination being at or after 14 weeks of age.
Aside from vaccinations, there is a genuine benefit in your dog getting an annual health check every year. We find concerns during routine exams at least half the time in dogs that presented to us as healthy. Your dog gets a full nose-to-tail exam and we discuss parasite control, nutrition, dental care or anything else you are concerned about.

Hopefully this has been of some help to you! Please call 09 377 6667 to book for your annual check-up today.

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