Technology to the rescue – where medication isn’t always enough!

Technology to the rescue – where medication isn’t always enough!

It’s wonderful having a myriad of pets but sometimes meal times can become a bit of a juggling act – especially if you have a fussy feline, a greedy dog or an oldie on a special diet. Nobody wants to spend their morning watching them like a hawk to make sure that they all eat the right food but sometimes it seems like there is no other option.

Thankfully some new technology has come on the market to make our lives a little easier. The sure flap microchip activated feeder opens only for those who are programmed to use it. The food stays fresh and you just dish out their morning/ evening portion and walk away!

This technology has changed the way we manage patients medically – as it has opened avenues that were not really practical or possible a few months ago. Take Chico (name changed for the purpose of the story), a fabulous golden oldie feline with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). His owner could not medicate him as he would disappear every time the medication came out … sound familiar? At this point we recommended a specialized diet that had been discussed when he was first diagnosed but was not an option as they had a lively dog who often ate Chico’s food. Although their lively dog was still around, we were able to restrict his access to the special diet with the microchip feeder and he is now doing fantastically well and is willing to cuddle on his mum’s lap again – no more nasty medicine!

We have also used them in weight loss management in cats – if you use the feeder for the “snacker” (or picky eater in your household), Mr. Greedy Pants can no longer steal their food and the centimeters start shedding … just in time for summer!

If you feel that this may be an option in your household – or if you would like some advice on feeding management – come on in for a demo or send us an email on


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  1. These are a great idea. Any suggestions on how to train a cat to use one would be helpful – I’ve been asked however not been able to come up with a strategy.

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