To insure | To be sure

To insure | To be sure

Many people ask me why I insure my pets when I am a vet and can do most of the work on them myself.

Well, they are my fur babies and when they get sick, I go weak at the knees and imagine that they have every deadly disease under the sun. I am not alone at TSV – when our own pets get sick, we want to be their owner, not their vet and just like with our patients, if we feel that specialist intervention is needed, we don’t hesitate to refer.

Even though my pets have been insured, I recently learned the hard way about how important a bit of investigation is before you sign up. Don’t get me wrong – insurance is invaluable but make sure that when things go wrong, your insurance is going to pay out.

Lesson 1 – make sure they’re signed up before they are too old

When I first signed my 4-legged family up to insurance, I was fresh off the boat from South Africa, insurance was pretty new to me and there was only really one company around. By the time I realized the cover that they had was inadequate for what I wanted, they were too old to change.

On this note, get them signed up asap because anything that happens to them before they are fully covered is considered pre-existing and won’t be covered lifelong.

Lesson 2 – make sure that they are on the right plan

Nothing made it clearer to me how important a good policy is than the past few months. Erin and I have unfortunately both gone through a cancer diagnosis and chemo treatment with our fur babies this year. Erin is an avid researcher and compared every policy to the nth degree before signing up her retired Greyhound, Dante. She got one of the top policies, and boy has that paid off!

Dante has cost her around $18k in the past 2 years and insurance has covered it all. With the plan that I had chosen, my cat Vache’s cancer treatment has cost around $8000 and less than 25% was covered by insurance.

Different company, different policy with reasons I couldn’t argue with – I just hadn’t taken out the right policy for the care I wanted  for my pets.

Moral of the story – sign your pet up to insurance as soon as possible but chat to us first about what type of cover you want for them. Our advice is free and while we may not know it all, we can certainly give you a pretty good run down of what we do know.

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