Pet Dental Disease |Toothache? What toothache?

Pet Dental Disease |Toothache? What toothache?

We all know what it is like to have a sore mouth, it’s not nice!
But how can you tell if your pet has a sore mouth? It’s easy to see why they limp from a pad ulceration but would we know about a similar sized ulcer in the mouth?
Unfortunately, they’re good at hiding mouth problems and often have significant dental disease before showing any signs.
60% of people have gingivitis, and we brush our teeth daily. It’s not so surprising vets see dental disease as such a common problem.
Gingivitis is a host/parasite reaction caused when the 400-500 bacteria (the parasite) we have in our mouths go bad. Our gums (the host) react to the bad bacteria causing inflammation, redness, bleeding and pain.
With time, if not attended to, the infection tracks deep into the bones of the jaw (periodontal disease) causing bone loss and wiggly teeth. Our immune system eventually loses the battle as bacteria leak into the blood stream (bacteremia), the end-result, poor overall health.

We know only 66% of pet owners understand the importance of dental care, 20% then go on to brush teeth and only 2% will brush those teeth enough to make a difference.
We have made it our mission to change this and we now know how.

Shockingly, over 85% of dogs and 50% of cats over 4 years old have periodontal disease. The one thing you may notice if your pet has dental disease is bad breath.
Take a good sniff today and come in for a complimentary dental check if they can’t pass the fresh breath test! Call us on 09377 667 or BOOK NOW – we are so passionate about mouth health it is completely FREE!
Listen in on RadioLive as Mark and Megan discuss some more interesting facts about dental health and get ready to commit to a healthy mouth today.

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