A way to holistic health for your friend. The world is changing and ‘stress management’ is the therapy for dealing with urban living. We work longer hours, are constantly at the beck and call of technology and require faster, more convenient, time saving answers to help us get through each and every day. But happiness is awaiting us at home….and it has a tail.

Choosing to live with an animal companion is one of the healthiest things you can do, but with adoption comes the responsibility for their care. We understand that no two animals are exactly the same, as are no two relationships. We need to figure you out, one by one.

With ‘Wellbeing at Heart’ – tailor-made veterinary care is now here.

Our ‘Complimentary Nurse Services’ and ‘Standards Of Care’ reminder system are designed to support you and your animal companion. We fine tune the best way to communicate with you as we have a chat one-on-one.

With our pet industry ‘Seminar Series’, we can now recommend a range of support services for a holistic approach to the emotional, mental and physical needs of your friend.

Starting with ‘Puppy and Kitten 101’, guiding you on nutrition and individualised preventative parasite plans and then onto ‘Grey Paws’ (our geriatric care program). Our promise – we treat them as our own, stepping into their shoes, as we work out one by one, how we can best look after you.

Complimentary Services


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