What Your Pet Reveals About You

What Your Pet Reveals About You

How many Facebook ‘friends’ do you have that feature a four legged fur-buddy in their profile picture?

If, like me it’s more than a few, you are one of those people who ‘connect’ with the wider animal kingdom. But what does your choice of companion reveal about you?

Is there a difference between ‘cat’ people and ‘dog’ people.  Scientific American Mind collated studies from psychologists and marketing surveys delving into research to ascertain if your choice of companion reveals anything about your personality, belief or lifestyle.

What does your choice of companion reveal about you? WARNING: some content may offend!

Pet ownership is highest among families – including couples with or without kids with people who work full time, own their own home, have households with 5+ members and are social, empathetic beings.

People who do not own pets are more likely to hold an advanced degree, live in urban areas, value a neat and tidy home and describe themselves as ‘independent’.

If you have a dog you’re more likely to:

Be in senior management, consider your pet part of the family, be extroverted, agreeable and conscientious, live with family members, be a professor, nurse, entertainer or work in IT or the military.

If you have a cat you’re more likely to:

Be divorced, widowed or separated, live in an apartment, be neurotic and open to new experiences, have a college education, be less socially dominant, be a physician, real estate agent, work in the science or medical areas, be a machine operator or personal caretaker

Fun fact about our animal loving friends:

More than half of cat owners describe themselves as fond of both cats and dogs. But more than half of dog owners said they preferred only canines.

For every type of pet, in 8 out of 10 households the primary caretaker of the pet is female.

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