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What we do

At The Strand Veterinarian, our commitment is to treat you, your animal companion, and the special bond between you with compassion, empathy and respect. We promise to love, care for and manage your animal through every stage of his or her life.

Our Ethos

We are a bespoke clinic with a holistic approach to companion animal care, embracing the very latest innovations in veterinary technology alongside complementary therapies to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

Diagnosis & Therapy

Our fully equipped medical and surgical facility offers an in-house laboratory, digital radiology, ultrasound, laser therapy, and a qualified animal physiotherapist onsite. We also refer to specialist practitioners to ensure optimal care.

A Place to Heal

We provide a calm, soothing environment to put minds and bodies at ease, with dedicated cat-only waiting, consulting and recovery areas, and a warm, comfortable, welcoming hospital in which to heal.

Time to Listen

Our highly skilled veterinary professionals understand that no two animals are exactly the same. We promise to listen to you, and to advocate the best possible care for your unique companion.

In Sickness & in Health

We support you through every stage of your relationship, from puppy love to the unforgettable bond that exists between old friends, ensuring the best start for your new kitten or puppy, managing wellness in the middle years, and offering our acclaimed Grey Paws programme.
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  • Veterinary consultation

  • Preventative vaccination

  • Parasite prevention

  • Home visits by arrangement

  • Health & wellbeing packages

  • Accredited Micro-chipping

  • Blood testing laboratory on site

  • Fully equipped medical facility

  • Purpose built comfortable, warm pet hospital

  • Sterile surgical theatre

  • Canine & feline dentistry

  • Extended care with specialist referral

  • Digital radiology

  • Diagnostic ultrasound

  • Animal physiotherapy

  • Laser therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Canine Massage

  • Holistic approach to companion animal health

  • Complimentary nurse consultations

  • Nutritional advice

  • New puppy and kitten education packs and support

  • Overseas travel information

  • Doggie Day Care referral

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Larger, yet still perfectly formed

In the beginning, we set out to create the optimal healing space, comforting the body, easing the mind and nourishing the soul. Now, we’ve taken what was great about the little clinic with a big heart, added everything we’ve learned in the last six years, and put it all into a better space. Come and see what’s got us so excited about our new clinic!

What we're all about

Megan Alderson

Over the years I’ve come to realise the veterinary profession is more of a “calling” than simply a career to pursue. For all of us at The Strand Veterinarian, our ambition is to create a care environment acceptable to the most discerning of clientele, our own precious four-legged familiars. A place to be nurtured and healed – a place where intuitively they feel the heart behind our service, and trust us to look after their best interests when it comes to their health.

When we talk about ‘heart’, for us that means a high standard of customer care, a commitment to increasing the skills and knowledge of our extraordinary team, and the creation of a space where love, respect and understanding of our client’s special relationship with their animal companion takes place.

Animals are magic in our lives – they are tangible manifestations of love – they are the bringers of joy and happiness. What could be more important than that?”

Justine Alley

Joining Megan in her quest to grow the ‘heart’ of The Strand Veterinarian has been the perfect evolution for me. We live the same dream of redefining the veterinary experience for you and your pet – about making the experience so enjoyable that your pet drags you to the clinic, just to say “howl-lo”.

Soft tones, the right environment and gentle handling can make all the difference and we’ve embraced this. Everything we do follows this same philosophy – soft, fluffy, warm beds to recover in with pain relief that sends them into dreamland until they have fully recovered. I’d love to be one of our dogs or cats!

For the Cats

For the Cats

Catering for the most discerning of our clientele, our ‘cat friendly’ designer clinic pays homage to the particular requirements of our feline friends. Our relaxing ‘cat only’ waiting area and dedicated consultation room help ease the stress your cat feels when they’re taken out of their comfort zone. It’s all part of building the relationship of mutual trust and respect we believe is essential to managing your cat’s health with minimum fuss, and to guiding you both through their life stages.

The servants are revolting again! Who do they think they are to disobey my wishes and insult my dignity by stuffing me into this – oooh, a waterfall. How very… soothing. Ah, I see we’re back here, in the temple to me. Well, I suppose it is every deity’s duty to go through a few rites every now and then. So be it. I shall allow them to place me on their pedestal and suffer these well-meaning peasants’ strange attentions. How they worship me! And why should they not? I am by far the most powerful and magnificent creature in the universe – I mean, the room.

For the Dogs

For the Dogs

Bring your best friend down to make some noise and join our pack in an urban canine den where nature inspires nurture and wag-and-lick is a language we understand. We’re here to make friends, and we’ve got the pats and treats to prove it! From puppy preschool to the extra special care of our distinguished old companions, our innovative health programmes will help you and your dog get the most out of every stage of his or her life.

Some of my friends tell me they don’t like going to the vet, but for the life of me, I can’t see why. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when I’m feeling down. I get a chance to catch up on social pee-dia, maybe post a few thoughts of my own, then it’s into the Den to check out the treat bar and chillax with my girls. Having me there really makes their day. And you only need to look at how my human relaxes when we walk in the door to know it’s a good, safe place. I feel better already!

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