Puppy plan

Cat vet care

Welcome to our exceptional veterinary clinic, where feline care is our utmost priority. At The Strand Vet, we go above and beyond to provide a comfortable and fear-free environment for your beloved cats.

Our passionate team of veterinary professionals understands the unique needs of our feline friends. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care, treating every cat that walks through our doors as if they were our very own. Step into the paws of a cat owner and experience the genuine empathy and understanding we bring to each visit.

With our innovative Time to Care model, we ensure that each cat receives the attention and time they deserve. We prioritize quality over quantity, allowing us to offer personalized care plans tailored to your cat's specific needs. Our dedicated and compassionate team takes the time to listen, thoroughly assess, and develop comprehensive treatment strategies for your feline companion.

To create a stress-free environment, we have specially designed cat-only consult rooms and hospital areas. Our facilities feature dim lighting and quiet areas to promote a calm atmosphere, reducing anxiety for both cats and their owners. With our fear-free approach, we strive to make every visit as comfortable and positive as possible.

Exotic Persian cat

Breed specific cat

We love all cats, pedigree, or moggie, and can give you advice and tips on how to care for the individual needs of your cat. As we deal with pedigree breeds on a regular basis, we are aware of the considerations of these breeds (or can discuss with our team if we are unfamiliar with the breed you have or are interested in getting) and take this into account when making recommendations for their care or procedures they may need in the future.

If you are thinking of getting a pedigree, the icat care website will have information about that breed. We now can perform some genetic tests in NZ, which is a great option for breeds predisposed to certain conditions. You'll also find useful information about what care they may need on a daily basis, for example brushing daily with a long-haired cat or wiping eyes and nasal folds in a brachycephalic (short-nosed) cat.


Cat vaccination

Touching base on a yearly basis is essential with all cats to assess their overall health & well-being and to run through their current environmental, lifestyle and health needs to come up with a tailored strategy of disease prevention.

The Strand Vet is passionate about preventative care and tailoring this to the individual, as we know each family, cat and environment are different. A perfect example of this is a new baby in the house, the last thing you would be thinking about would be what worming treatment your cat needs or does their diet need to change to keep your baby safe, but we have that covered. Young or old, these appointments are valuable for all involved.

stress free cat

Cat arthritis

Cats love to jump and always enjoy the high spots to check out the sights and sound of their home, garden, or neighbourhood. AArthritis can be subtle at first, but this is the time we want to do something about it – giving them additional support measures to slow the progression and keep them active well into their golden years. Arthritic cats will still climb – they just will not be as graceful as they were when they were a kitten – so we can guide you with what to look for as they head towards 7 years and beyond.

We have some great pet arthritis plans at The Strand Vet and have worked hard over the years to find products that are of high quality, easy to administer and make a measurable difference in their lives. As they get older and need extra help, we offer monthly osteoarthritis exams with our qualified veterinary nurses to provide laser and/ or injections to keep them pain free and as agile as they can be. It is our passion so let us be part of their senior journey.

Pet Project

Kitten wellness 12-month plan

Our kitten wellness plan makes 5-star veterinary care affordable for your new kitten setting your kitten up for a great start to life!

Membership includes:

From $22 per week

  • 6 weeks of free Pet Insurance.
  • Direct Pet Insurance claims- no pay on the day with insurance claims processed directly with your insurance provider.*
  • Feliway spray – helps a low stress approach to vet visits and a must for our feline friends.
  • Three vaccination consultations with a veterinarian to complete your primary kitten course and full kitten health checks.
  • Up to 8 nurse consults – in clinic or via teleconsult - to talk over carrier training, dental care, nail trim and dirt box training, optimising your home environment for your cat, environmental enrichment for indoor cats, introducing your kitten to other pets and children so they become a part of the family, working on optimal cat happiness, trouble-shooting problems for example: scratching furniture, predatory behaviour, toileting issues.
  • One year of flea treatment and worm treatment.

Additional Add Ons:

  • Microchip and registration - $1.73/week
  • Desex/Neuter - $16/week
  • Desex/Spey - $26/week

Adult cat wellness 12-month plan

5-star veterinary preventative health care tailored to your cat on a set budget.

Membership includes:

From $14 per week

  • Direct Pet Insurance claims- no pay on the day with insurance claims processed directly with your insurance provider.*
  • Individualized Wellness consultation with a veterinarian.
  • Yearly vaccinations or titre testing.
  • Up to 8 nurse consults to support you with pet dental care, nail trimming and training for low stress vet visits.
  • One year of flea treatment and worm treatment delivered to your door.

Additional Add Ons:

  • Dental from $30/week*
  • Wellness blood work - $7.70/week
  • Desex/Neuter - $16/week
  • Desex/Spey - $26/week

*Direct insurance “no pay on the day” is subject to your pet insurer allowing The Strand Veterinarian to process the claim on your behalf and may not include all pet insurance companies. Dental price subject to dental grade. Your Veterinary Professional will discuss this with you at the time of consultation. Vet Payment Plans are available for any additional costs not covered by the Pet Project Wellness Plan