Pet Project

Wellness plans for your best friend

At The Strand Veterinarian, we believe we can give every animal companion we meet a great life.

Pet Project
dog and cat wellness
dog and cat wellness plan

Why choose a wellness plan?

Promoting wellness is the key component to preventing sickness, and for our pets, individualized health care plans are few and far between.

Our wellness plans are tailored to your pet – and when combined with pet insurance, we create 5-star veterinary care on a set budget.

How does it work?

We recommend booking a half hour complimentary consultation – either at the clinic or by teleconsult – with our wellness consultant to build your pet’s plan. We will consider you and your pet’s needs with wellness plans for every life stage, breed and budget.

What about my pet insurance?

Think of it as a good marriage – together, they form a strong unit allowing you and your pet access to 5-star health care on your set budget.

Your recommended individual wellness plan is designed to keep your pet in their best health and cover the costs of your pet care health needs which are not normally covered by insurance. Combined with pet insurance, you can budget for your pet in both sickness and in health.

dog and cat

What are the benefits?

By us knowing your pet when they are well, it helps us personally care for them when they are sick. Meaningful diagnostics defines an individual, and with internal medicine specialist support, this helps us as clinicians to identify problems earlier so we can avoid or alleviate early signs of disease.

Advanced veterinary care and diagnostics can be expensive. By combining an individualised wellness plan with pet insurance, we can always do what’s best for your pet.

Join our new affordable wellness plans

Our wellness plans start at $2 a day with an annual subscription fee of $75.
This includes an individualised wellness plan discussion with a Pet Wellness Consultant each year to ensure you are on the best plan for your individual pet based on your veterinarian’s recommendations, your current financial budget, and your individual approach to healthcare for your pet.

Plan 1

Puppy plan


6 weeks of free pet insurance
Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Adaptil collar
Three vaccination consultations
Up to 12 nurse consults
One year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $22 per week

Plan 2

Puppy plan


6 weeks of free pet insurance
Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Feliway spray
Three vaccination consultations
Monthly nurse consults
One year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $22 per week

Plan 3

Puppy plan


Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Individualised wellness plan consult
Yearly vaccinations/titre testing
Up to 8 nurse consults per year
Free delivery of flea and worm products to your door

Dental, wellness bloods

From $14 per week
Puppy plan

Got a guestion?

Yes – the enrolment fee is $75 this is paid at your first appointment on the plan, the following payments will be taken monthly or fortnightly (your preference) by direct debit.

Our plans are geared towards the individual. The enrolment fee helps us partially cover the wellness consultants and administration teams time necessary to get your pet on to these set budget plans. As an independent, locally-owned and operated business (i.e. not a corporate) we need to factor this in when we developed our time to care and individualised approach.

We have different plans for puppies, kittens and adult pets (see above) which cover the essentials. Plus there are optional add-ons available that you can choose.

The $75 fee enrolment fee must be paid prior to activation of your Wellness Plan and before using any of the benefits of your Wellness Plan. This must be paid by Eftpos, cash or via credit card at the clinic or via Windcave.

All Pet Project Wellness Plans must be paid by signing a Direct Debit Authority and agreeing to set fortnightly or 4 weekly payment options when signing your Wellness Plan contract. Any changes to the frequency or amount of direct debit must be agreed by both parties (for example: in the case of an ‘add on’ or upgrade to a dental plan).

You can I pause your Wellness Plan for up to 26 weeks if you are temporarily away from home with your pet.

Yes. Cancellation must be in the form of writing from either party (not verbal or sent to the wrong email address).

Upon receiving an email sent to we will confirm cancellation as per the Terms and Conditions of your Wellness Plan.

Yes, however you must have paid your enrolment/subscription fee and have signed your Pet Project Wellness Plan contract as well as your Direct Debit Authority form.

Auto renew options are available at the time of sign up. You can choose auto renew at sign up with your wellness consultant or if you choose to select NO – you will be sent an email, text and then follow up phone call 1 month prior to the due renewal date.

That is the beauty of individual Pet Project Wellness Plans. We will work with you to ensure your pet is parasite free. Fleas can carry disease – and therefore a strategic plan is necessary to ensure your pets preventative health care plan works for you both. Monthly faecal egg flotation tests are the safest way to ensure you pet has minimal parasites. Safe and effective products can be recommended as necessary, as well as more frequent complete blood counts to check for blood borne parasite carried by fleas.

Toxocara (roundworm) is one of the most commonly underdiagnosed zoonotic diseases in NZ. It is also of public health concern for those living in close quarters with an animal companion. We will work with you to ensure frequency of surveillance will help to keep you and your pet safe and worm free for the year and explain the risk factors for family and pet in the case of roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and lungworm.

Our programs are individualised, which means we will assess risk vs benefit of vaccines for each patient, using titre testing when available (dogs only at this stage) to ensure risk of disease is low to none. We will work with you to develop a safe and effective strategy for the preventative health of your pet.

At TSV we endeavour to make sure you do not miss your pet’s annual vaccinations with text, email and phone reminder service. However, if you pet’s vaccinations lapse you will need to pay for the additional cost of a vaccination and revisit consultation to get them up to date again.

While we encourage every pet owner to start using our preventative care programs, we include pre general anaesthetic desexing and dental blood panels as a baseline for their individual pet and an option to ‘add on’ for the from a $1 a day plan. We know that 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 5 senior pets have changes on their individual blood work caused by systemic disease. Catching this early is the key to optimal health.

If you upgrade to a dental plan (recommended for most pets) then the annual blood work will be included in this price. If your pet has perfect teeth, as you brush every day, then an ‘add on’ wellness blood work is recommended and can be performed at the clinic on the day of your annual health.

If you rehome your pet, you will still need to either cancel your plan (see “Cancellation” in Terms and Conditions) or continue to pay for your pet until the renewal date. It is not transferrable to a new owner.

We will help you to cancel your policy and will offer a further 10% discount on any outstanding services or products which still need to be paid for (see “Cancellation” in Terms and Conditions).

Our Wellness Plans start from $1 a day, and discounts of up to 45% can apply. However, the main benefits of these plans are 5 Star quality veterinary professional service for the preventative care of your pet (the areas of pet care which are not covered by pet insurance). This includes automatic preapproval of direct insurance claims to help you stay on budget.

The good news is we can upgrade you to a dental plan if we have recommended a dental procedure to benefit the health of your pet.

We can send/give you a dental estimate at time of consultation or when you sign up for a Pet Project Wellness Plan.

You will have 4 weeks to decide on the dental upgrade (as the cost of the dental will be covered over 48 weeks) or you can decide on the day of consultation with your Wellness Consultant and we can choose and ‘add on’ option so the cost of the dental is spread over 52 weeks.

You must use the dental benefit after the 4-week decision period is over (not before this date).

Alternatively, you can work with your Dental Hygienist in our complimentary dental clinic and upgrade at your next renewal date and book your procedure then.

One of the main benefits is your dental estimate will be made a quote. This will ensure your dental is kept to a set agreed cost which you can pay over the year. See below if additional dental work is recommended at the time.*

Not necessarily. If we look work with you to look after your pets’ oral health at the time of your renewal a Wellness Consultant will assess the dental grade and adjust payments accordingly.

We will inform you of our findings, discuss recommended treatment if appropriate at the time of dental work, including additional costs, and offer a payment plan if necessary, plus guide you to expected dental plan grade in the future.

YES. Changes to our Wellness Plans may occur from year to year based on client feedback and review as we always want to improve our service offerings. We will contact you 30 days or more before your renewal date to provide you notice of changes to the Pet Project Wellness Plans and make sure you have a Wellness Consultant available to discuss what is best for your pet should you want to further discuss your plan.