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Time to care

Optimal pet care is built on relationships.

This takes time and a 'time to care' veterinary business model. Join our pet-loving community to become a member of Auckland’s favourite vet.

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Pet care expertise

A diverse, empathetic, and resilient team delivering uncompromised veterinary care.

With veterinary specialist referral and after-hours emergency hospital support, the ‘do what’s best for pet always’ is not our by-line, it is what sets us apart from the rest.

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Pet care sanctuary

Heart and the well-being of our people have built the foundations of our local and independently owned business.

Reflected in our clinical environment and veterinary professional team, we have grown with Auckland’s animal-loving community supporting us.

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Sustainable affordable pet care

The challenge of pet ownership is the cost of reasonable, quality veterinary health care.

Our Pet Project Wellness Plan, when combined with your Pet Insurance, allows 5-star quality veterinary care on a set budget. An evolving platform for uncompromised pet care and optimal health care results.

Puppy plan

Our story

The little clinic with a big heart

For all of us at The Strand Veterinarian, our ambition is to create a care environment acceptable to the most discerning of clientele, our own precious four-legged familiars. A place to be nurtured and healed – a place where intuitively they feel the heart behind our service, trusting us to look after their best interests when it comes to their health.

When we talk about ‘heart’, for us that means a high standard of customer care, a commitment to increasing the skills and knowledge of our extraordinary team, and the creation of a space where love, respect and understanding of our client’s special relationship with their animal companion takes place.

"Animals are magic in our lives...
...they are tangible manifestations of love – they are the bringers of joy and happiness. What could be more important than that?”

Dr Megan Alderson and Dr Justine Alley

Megan Alderson and Justine Alley
Puppy plan

Our services


Optimal pet care

We promise to love, care for and manage your animal through every stage of his or her life.

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For cats

We love all cats, pedigree, or moggie, and can give you advice and tips on how to care for the individual needs of your cat.

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For dogs

From our free puppy consults to get them off to a great start, to our senior and palliative healthcare plans we look after you and your best friend for life.

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Low stress vet visits

“Treat them as your own” and “Step in their shoes” – are two core values which underline everything we do.

Shop our store for delivery to your door

Whether the cupboard is looking bare or your pet has a scratch that needs an itch, we can deliver what your pet needs direct to your door!
Food (including prescription diets), flea and worm treatments, kitty litter, and more.

Order before 2pm for next day delivery.

Pet Project

Join our new affordable wellness plans

Promoting wellness is the key component to preventing sickness, and for our pets, individualized health care plans are few and far between.
Our wellness plans are tailored to your pet – and when combined with pet insurance, we create 5-star veterinary care on a set budget.

Plan 1

Puppy plan


6 weeks of free pet insurance
Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Adaptil collar
Three vaccination consultations
Up to 12 nurse consults
One year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $22 per week

Plan 2

Puppy plan


6 weeks of free pet insurance
Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Feliway spray
Three vaccination consultations
Monthly nurse consults
One year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $22 per week

Plan 3

Puppy plan


Direct claims placed with your insurance provider
Individualised wellness plan consult
Yearly vaccinations/titre testing
Up to 8 nurse consults per year
Free delivery of flea and worm products to your door

Dental, wellness bloods

From $14 per week