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Meet the team

Dr Megan Alderson


My aim is better veterinary medicine. My working life’s mission is to provide optimal care for the patients I see. With veterinary medicine evolving over the past 30 years, this takes a collaborative and intellectual approach, often meaning referral for further diagnostics or specialist intervention as we seek diagnosis and solutions to pet health concerns together.

As general practitioners we are the care takers of life-long health - ‘better’ is seeking knowledge and skill set for better health outcomes for our animal companions.

To achieve optimal care, we need a diverse and wide skill set as animal carers, a foundation of well-being to build resilience in our people and careful consideration on how we provide a sustainable service business long term. Removing the inhibiting factor to many optimal outcomes for pets, the cost associated with veterinary care, was a career pinnacle. With our individualised Pet Project Wellness Plans, which when combined with Pet Insurance creates ‘pet care on a budget’, the unobtainable 5-star quality pet care - doing the best for the animal every time - is now obtainable for every client.

Aroha describes our The Strand Vet community, we know pet people are the best people, you can quote me on that. Our growing team at The Strand Veterinarian bring aroha -love, compassion, and empathy, to our workplace every single day, something I am enormously proud of.

Megan Alderson
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Dr Justine Alley


My mission is to help anxious or stressed pets live happier lives with the help of The Strand Vet.

Living in a busy city is hard on all of us but we are here to be the voice for the voiceless (sometimes they talk but we do not always know what they are saying). Constant stimulation and busyness (or 10 other cats in their domain) increase windup and anxiety which leads to chronic disease, just as it does in us. They have their own way of meditating (cue sitting in front of the fire or catching some sun rays while we are all at work), but this is not always enough.

I love helping my teammates, especially those in the early days of their careers, to learn and appreciate the boundaries needed to avoid compassion fatigue, this is an awesome profession, but it does have its challenges. Often younger vets and nurses struggle to prioritise themselves, they have been waiting so many years to help others that they forget who number one should be. Through my own journey I use my learnings to help others.

Learning is a driver which inspires me career wise. I feel a thrill when learning new things, whether it be medical, or business and this makes me grateful for the challenge this profession brings daily. The Ying to this Yang is balancing my compassionate, learning side with special family time, my own solitude, time with friends and being on the water. I cannot bring 110% to my job without this important downtime and I make sure this is prioritised as much as caring for my patients and my team.

My own pet’s, past and present, have taught me so much about love, compassion and empathy (I had newfound respect and empathy for owners when my own crazy Labrador went through cruciate surgery). Supported by my business partner Megan (I could not have wished for a better wing-woman to guide me through this journey) and our team - all passionate, driven, intellectual women who share the same vision and values, I and we continue to dream big in this noble profession.

Dr Justine Alley
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Dr Erin Dowler


Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be a vet and that it would be so much more than “just a job”.

My beautiful Burmese gifted me great companionship from primary school to beyond graduation. Sesame was a constant source of inspiration for 18 years.

Dante, my huge handsome hound, was my heartbeat and is still a strong “why” for what I do. I learned to love “everything sighthound”, breeds so special that they could be their own species.

While I no longer have my fur babies physically by my side, they are ever present, reminding me to treat every patient as my own. As much as we are vets, we are owners too and each pet is as precious as ours.

I feel fortunate to have been with The Strand Vet since 2013. It feels less like a clinic and more like a home, where everyone is welcome, and the team gives love unconditionally. Top quality veterinary care and customer service are at the forefront to ensure that patients and people alike feel comfortable.

When you have a group of animal lovers who band together and give their whole hearts to making the worlds of these incredible little beings the best it can possibly be, it is special beyond words.

Erin Dowler
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Dr Christy An Feldman


From the moment I walked into The Strand Veterinarian I was amazed at the level of care the team showed me and my sidekick Minnie- now that was almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have been compelled to make a difference in other people’s lives through their beloved pets as well.

My previous career in various laboratory technical roles meant that I was almost always working behind the scenes and wondered how or if this would transpire into veterinary sense. Now as a veterinarian, I have even more of an appreciation of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to provide a truly holistic care for the heartbeat at our feet.

I am truly humbled to be in a position where I can be part of a team that treat their clients as if they were their own family and is a voice for our beloved pets.

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Dr Diana Crispe

BSc BVMS MANZCVS(Medicine of Cats)

I was delighted to join The Strand Veterinarian in 2021 and am proud to be part of such a progressive and compassionate team of veterinary professionals. Our ‘time to care’ practice model and fear-free handling techniques mean that our patients can be nurtured and healed in a comforting environment.

I adore cats! I am passionate about providing them with the refined and focused veterinary care that they deserve, so that they can live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Last year I successfully completed examinations with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists to achieve an additional formal qualification in Medicine of Cats, to equip me with the skills and knowledge to provide the highest standard of care possible.

Diana Crispe
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Dr Vanessa Johnson


Ever since I was young, I have been naturally drawn to animals. They provide us with a constant source of unconditional love, and I am dedicated to helping them lead healthy and fulfilling lives with their owners.

The Strand Vet has made it possible for me to foster my “why” as a veterinary professional, which is to reinforce the human animal bond through client education, fear-free handling, and by delivering a high standard of pet care. It is so rewarding being able to educate clients on their pet’s health and wellbeing so they can make the best decisions for them.

I am originally from Canada but have been in New Zealand for almost 10 years. At home, I live with my partner Zac who is currently undertaking medical school. We have two guinea pigs, Carl and Cathy and a cat, Luna (nicknamed Tuna or Spud). When I am not at work you can find me at the gym, taking Japanese classes, or playing board games with friends.

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