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Veterinary services


Diagnostics and imaging

We are proud to offer a wide range of onsite diagnostic tests for fast and accurate results for disease diagnosis enabling optimal health outcomes for your pet.

  • Pet Project Wellness Plan preventative care screening.
  • Ultrasound for screening, including pregnancy and heart scans.
  • Digital radiography with specialist interpretation.
  • Full IDEXX laboratory for in-house blood and urine testing.
  • NZVP laboratory pathologist and IDEXX internal medicine specialist support.
  • DNA testing.
  • In house titre testing for vaccine antibodies.
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pet surgery

Pet surgery

Veterinary surgical care has come a long way with technological advancements like MRI and CT scans complementing pet ultrasound and radiographic imaging. This facilitates appropriate referral to veterinary specialists when necessary to ensure optimal outcomes for you and your pet.

Whether your pet is suffering from pet cancer, canine cruciate disease requiring a TPLO surgery, brachycephalic obstructive disease (BOAS) or requires ovariectomy/ ovariohysterectomy (speying) or orchidectomy (neutering) our skilled, experienced team of trained veterinarians and veterinary nurses operate daily in a sterile, low stress environment, our high team to patient ratios meaning better veterinary care for your pet on the day.

At The Strand Veterinarian each individual patient has a perioperative care plan encompassing a fear free and pain free experience, as well as a comprehensive anaesthetic and home care management plan, with referral support from after-hours clinics with specialist anaesthetist support as required.

Our clinic truly treats every patient as we would our own – our Pet Project Wellness Plans when combined with Pet Insurance ensures you and your pet have access to 5-star quality pet care on a set budget for optimal health care outcomes.

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pet dentistry


Here at The Strand Vet, we are passionate about dental care. As a holistic clinic, which means we always look at the health of the whole animal, the mouth plays a very important role as dental disease can lead to problems with organs, such as the heart and kidneys. Preventative health care is key - and for dental care this means a solid routine of home care and tackling any dental problems early on. We recommend regular check-ups and offer this in our Pet Project Wellness Plan packages, along with providing advice and tips on home care.

If your pet does require dentistry, we are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive service with a full oral exam, dental radiographs and SANOS dental sealant. We are even able to provide restorative dental treatments such as bone grafting and enamel repair, working closely with veterinary dental specialists to ensure the best outcomes for your pet.

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Abysinian cat

Laser therapy

As firm believers in multi-modal pain relief, we are proud to offer laser therapy as part of our comprehensive pain management plans. Laser therapy makes it possible to concentrate and transfer a very high quantity of energy into a specific area. Our cells receive this energy, which enables them to carry out biological functions in a shorter time span and with very high efficacy. This process translates into a quicker recovery, and decrease in pain, inflammation and swelling.

Pet laser therapy is applicable in many conditions, including arthritis, spinal injuries, wounds, skin infections, dental problems and after surgery. Laser is non-invasive, not painful, and usually very well tolerated by both dogs and cats. Here at The Strand Vet all our veterinarians and veterinary nurses are fully trained to use our K-Laser device as part of your pet’s treatment plan.

running dog

Pet arthritis

Many pets suffer from feline arthritis and canine arthritis, whether it arises from developmental disease or from athletic injury and ongoing wear and tear.

Other factors such as genetics, infection and weight may contribute to the problem, but in the end, whatever the cause, the treatment regime is always the same. We manage the pain. This takes an individual and multimodal approach.

grey cat

Senior care

There is something so magic about living your life with your senior pet.
The way they know you and your household inside out, the moments they spend appreciating the finer things in life, how talkative they get as they get older.
While our animal companions may not be our whole lives, they certainly make our lives whole, and we know how special a greying companion is to you.

Advances in veterinary diagnostics, medicine and pet care services have made it possible for our pets to live longer and more comfortable lives than ever before.

At The Strand Vet we take the time to care, offering our preventative care expertise for cat and dog senior care and a collaborative referral approach for optimal pet care outcomes.

We treat you and them as individuals encompassing a holistic veterinary approach (treating the individual pet while considering mental, emotional and social factors) as age is not a disease. With our Pet Project Wellness Plans we help you to achieve 5-star quality pet care on a set budget.

Pet Project

Join our new affordable wellness plans

Promoting wellness is the key component to preventing sickness, and for our pets, individualized health care plans are few and far between.
Our wellness plans are tailored to your pet – and when combined with pet insurance, we create 5-star veterinary care on a set budget.

Plan 1

Puppy plan


6 weeks free pet insurance

Direct claims placed with your insurance provider

Adaptil collar

3 vaccination consults + additional mid-year health check

Baseline preventative bloods + titre test

1 year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $28 per week

Plan 2

Puppy plan


6 weeks free pet insurance

Direct claims placed with your insurance provider

Feliway spray

3 vaccination consults + additional mid-year health check

Baseline preventative bloods + titre test

1 year of flea and worm therapy

Microchip & registration, desex

From $23 per week

Plan 3

Puppy plan


Direct claims placed with your insurance provider

2 individualised Wellness plan consults

Yearly vaccinations/titre testing

Preventative bloods

1 year of flea and worm therapy with free delivery

Dental, wellness bloods

From $18 per week